healthy foods

If you’re struggling with high levels of stress, you should consider taking a look at your diet to see if the foods you’re eating are exacerbating your stress. Before going into what food to eat to help reduce your stress, it’s important to know what foods may increase stress levels.


Foods high in refined sugars or sodium can actually increase stress levels if eaten in large amounts. Foods high in refined sugars cause fluctuations in your blood sugar as the body in your insulin, leading to mood swings and potentially higher levels of stress. High levels of sodium causes your body to retain water, making your cardiovascular system work harder and increasing your blood pressure, which in turn can raise stress levels.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol and caffeine will not do you any favors in terms of stress reduction. While many of us can’t get through the morning without a cup of joe or energy drink, it shouldn’t be consumed throughout the day as high levels of caffeine can cause you to feel edgy, increase your heart rate, and make you feel more stressed. Alcohol may help you relax after a long day, but drinking alcohol causes your body to release a hormone that is the same that’s released why you’re stressed out.

The following superfoods are known for helping to decrease your stress levels:



Vitamin B is known for its stress reducing properties, and avocados are rich in vitamin B. Avocados are also high in the good fat for our body, monounsaturated fat, along with about 20 other vitamins and nutrients that are important for the body.



Along with being an excellent source of protein, almonds also have high levels of vitamins B12 and E that can help the immune system, which in turn can reduce stress.


Leafy Green Vegetables

Foods like kale and spinach can actually help your body regulate hormone levels in your body, leaving you feeling more in control of your stress levels. Try to add spinach to as many foods as possible throughout the day to help you keep control of your stress and giving your body a boost of nutrients.



When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, the combination of overeating and the chemical tryptophan typically causes people to feel lethargic after the meal. Adding some turkey to your diet will give your body some tryptophan that can help you feel more relaxed and lower your feelings of stress.