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Vacations For Fitness Lovers Marissa Elman

Perfect Vacation Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Going on vacations doesn’t mean you have to spend your days lounging in the sun with a cool drink in hand, though that certainly appeals to some people. For fitness lovers and adventure seekers, vacation can mean engaging your bodies in exciting, rigorous activities away from home. Here are a few vacation options for you to consider.


Explore the Galapagos

These islands in Ecuador’s territory are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Sure, the beaches are great for relaxing, but the beautiful landscape allows for scenic hikes and surfing expeditions. On the mainland, some of the best canopy walks, where the paths are suspended above the ground, can be found. This trip is also perfect for anyone interested in nature, especially native wildlife, with giant tortoises, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, and more!


Drop Into Black Hole Drop in Belize

Nestled in the Maya Mountains, Black Hole Drop is a stunning cave that can only be reached by rappelling. After hiking up the foothills of the Maya Mountains, explorers will jump down 300 feet to reach the cave’s basin. While rappelling, the cave below appears dark and distance, but once you reach the bottom, you can appreciate a beautiful rainforest canopy before you depart.


Brave the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

With such a foreboding name, this location may not sound welcoming, but the sand dunes along this stretch of Namibia’s coastline are impossible to resist. Here, you can participate in unique activities like sand sledding and sand boarding. Nearby is Etosha National Park, where black rhinos and cheetahs can be found in the largest free-roaming population size in the world.


Climb Mt. Batur in Bali

For the truly adventures, what better way to spend a trip than scaling a volcano? Of course, Mount Batur is not active, but the thrill of climbing such an impressive landmass is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Guided tours are available, and some treks entail climbing the mountain before dawn to catch the sunrise from the summit.


Enjoy the Diamond Highlands of Brazil

Named for its region’s famous diamond mines, the Diamond Highlands (Chapada Diamantina) boasts stunning scenery and ample opportunities for physical activity. Hike up to the top of the tabletop Morro Pai Inácio or swim in the underground cavern pool in Poco Azul. This area also features a number of incredible waterfalls; because many of them flow over flat rocks, you can often slide down them!


Signs That You Are Mentally Strong Marissa Elman

Signs You Are Mentally Strong

Signs That You Are Mentally Strong Marissa Elman

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong. In fact, ironically, most of the behaviors that many people associate with weakness are actually true signs of strength. This is due to that fact that in our society, we typically value “toughness” over “true strength.” When it comes to acting tough, it is all about external appearances which involve creating this persona meant to convince other people that you are impervious to pain. However, true mental strength involves working on your character and being willing to be vulnerable. Unfortunately, most people confuse their openness and honesty with frailty when it is the exact opposite. Let’s take a look at a few signs that while viewed as weaknesses, are actually signs of mental strength.



Many times, people think that being kind means that you are a pushover or a people pleaser. However, the reality is that showing compassion for others, giving someone the benefit of the doubt, or spending your spare time to help a friend in need with a project can be a sign of strength. It often takes a lot of courage and confidence to show kindness and mentally strong people are willing to take those kinds of risks.


Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

There is a difference between recognizing and speaking the truth and putting yourself down. Through the acknowledgment of your faults whether it be not knowing how to confront people or struggling to be organized can show that you are strong enough to admit your imperfections. Recognizing your weaknesses can also help you take steps in the right direction. You can delegate the tasks you struggle with and develop a plan to succeed despite these shortcomings.


Asking For Help

Revealing that there are things you cannot do on your own is a real act of courage. This could be asking your boss for assistance on a project or reaching out to a mental health professional. Asking for help requires a lot of humility and strength of character. Most people who are mentally strong do not go through their journey alone as they surround themselves with others who can offer assistance along the way.



Succeeding at everything you do only means that you are living too far inside your comfort zone. If you are making mistakes and failing, it means that you are challenging yourself—a true sign of strength. Your failures are not proof that you are not strong enough to succeed. You should view them as proof that you are pushing yourself past your limits.

Sept 2018 Marissa Elman

What You Should Do on Your Mental Health Day

Taking a mental health day is important for all people. Employees who feel as though they are just constantly spinning on the wheel are likely to encounter burnout. When taking a day off to rejuvenate, individuals should take into account useful ways to spend their time.


Maintain a Routine

While a mental health day might seem like the perfect opportunity to sleep in and lounge on the couch, having some sort of routine is important. A routine consisting of sleeping properly, eating healthy foods and exercising can help individuals to feel energized. Also, people who spend the day eating junk and sleeping may realize at the end of the day that they wasted their time.


Go Outside

Unless some serious storm is underway, spending the entire day indoors isn’t the best idea. Even if individuals go for a stroll around the block or walk up to the corner market for a cup of coffee, experiencing nature can help these people to recharge. Of course, even more time can be spent in nature. Individuals might decide to go for a mild hike at a nearby park or to explore an outdoor attraction that recently opened.


Engage in a Hobby

All too often, people think that some strict end purpose must exist for every action that they take. However, it’s so healthy to have hobbies that do not end up in monetary gain, a higher title at work or something of that nature. Just taking the time to participate in activity for fun and leisure is important. This hobby can act as a catalyst for future moments of relaxation.


Set Aside Work Tasks

It might be tempting to open up the work email just once on the mental health day. Unless some truly serious reason exists for doing so, it’s important to keep that inbox closed. Individuals who take off from work but then end up working for a part of the day are not really giving themselves the necessary time off from tasks of their jobs.


A mental health day is meant to give people time to explore and to relax. While maintaining a routine is important, that routine should not include work. Individuals should take the time to better get to know themselves and the things that make them happy.

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5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Ahead of Time

Eating a healthy breakfast can be impossible with a busy schedule, but these five quick and healthy breakfast recipes can be made ahead of time so you don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience.


Berry Yogurt Smoothie

The best part about a smoothie is that it takes minutes to make and can be prepared ahead of time. Toss frozen berries and bananas into your blender with a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt. Add a flavored liquid, such as juice or coconut water, to help it blend. Blend all this together and freeze it overnight to be used in the morning or later in the day. Honey can be added for an extra dose of antioxidants.


Oatmeal And Egg Bowl

Turn your regular morning oatmeal into a savory delight by adding an egg and colorful toppings. Prepare your oatmeal as usual but add a sprinkle of salt and pepper in place of sweeteners. Fry an egg and place it over the oatmeal with a sprinkling of cheese or fresh peppers for a breakfast rich in vitamins and fiber.


Macadamia Ricotta Tomato Toast

Toast for breakfast doesn’t have to be boring with this colorful and flavorful recipe. Use slices of whole grain bread for the toast. Make your own macadamia ricotta cheese spread and cover each slice with it to your preference. Sprinkle on some basil and cracked pepper, if desired. Two slices of fresh heirloom tomatoes should then be added to each slice of toast before enjoying.


Egg and Avocado Toast

Easy to make and transport, this breakfast is perfect on-the-go. Toast two slices of multigrain bread and then spread a hearty layer of smashed avocado on each. Sprinkle on salt and pepper for flavor. Fry up two eggs until the yolk is mostly firm before placing an egg on each slice. Garnish with a sprinkle of cheese for a protein-dense meal.


Chocolate and Berry Breakfast Bowl

Start your day with a quick meal that’s both healthy and sweet. Cook up your favorite breakfast grain, such as oatmeal, or make yourself a protein-dense bowl of quinoa. Add a handful of raspberries, bananas, and blueberries for your daily serving of fruit. Top the bowl with chunks of dark chocolate and almonds to add extra minerals, protein, and fiber.

4 Yoga Poses Everyone Should Do

Whether you have been regularly attending yoga classes for years or have never set foot on a yoga mat in your life, it is always a good idea to perform several poses to stretch your muscles and combat the effects of poor posture — especially after a long day of sitting due to work or travel. Here are some poses you should definitely add to your arsenal:


Garland (Malasana)

This pose is a simple yet effective way to open your hips and lengthen your spine — a necessity for Americans, as we spend a majority of our time with our hips at a 90 degree angle. In order to perform this pose, start with your feet wider than hip-length apart, turning your toes out just slightly. From there, keep your gaze forward and your spine straight as you lower your hips as you would if you were moving to sit in a chair. Move your hands into the prayer position and push your elbows against your knees, helping you open your hips further. The point of this pose is to bring your hips as low as possible without bending your spine or lifting your heels off the floor.



The cat-cow is the perfect way to stretch the spine and surrounding muscles, especially when performed after just waking up or returning home from work. In order to do the cat-cow pose, start on your hands and knees. From there, you should arch your back and look at your thighs. After taking a deep breath or two, release the pose and let your belly drop as you look up toward the ceiling. In order to feel loose and refreshed, repeat this process four times.


Forward Bend

The forward bend is a great way to counteract the effects of sitting all day. Simply stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend forward at the hips, going as far as your hamstrings will allow you to stretch. Make sure to keep your knees slightly bent as you try to at least brush the floor with your hands. For beginners, hold this pose for 30 seconds then release. Remember to keep your breathing even and slow.


Seated Spinal Twist (Marichi’s Pose)

These twists not only release any muscle tension you may feel in your back, but help to realign your spine as well. In order to reap the maximum benefits from this exercise, start by sitting on the floor or a yoga mat with your legs extended in front of you. From there, bend your right knee and place your right foot on the mat, just a few inches from your left leg. Bring the palm of your right palm to the mat just behind your right glute, keeping your fingers facing your body. Place your left elbow on the outside of your right knee and breathe deeply. With each breath, extend your neck so it feels like the crown of your head is moving toward the ceiling. Inhale again, then switch sides.

Marissa Elman Detox

How to Detox Without Trying


Living a happy and healthy life can be a lot easier said than done, but many people don’t know that there are many small steps that can be taken to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ways to boost your health journey without trying too hard.


Adding hot tea to your diet is the perfect step to take towards a healthier lifestyle. Dating back to thousands of years ago, tea was used as a form of medicine in China. Tea has a lot of benefits for the mind and the body. For instance, one study found that drinking hot tea can prevent osteoporosis. One study found that natural chemicals that are released when tea leaves are being dried, had improved symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and overall bone health. Tea also contains a large amount of antioxidants, which protect your cells, fight infection, and reduce cholesterol. Tea is also a great treat to have to help you wind down from long days and relax. Instead of your drinking your next cup of coffee, try adding this warm beverage to your diet, your body will thank you.


Lemons work like a magical fruit. They are great to use for cleaning and killing germs around the house, but they’re also great for flushing toxins out of your body. Lemons are very high in vitamin C which are essential to your inflammatory system and fighting off infections. Drinking warm water with a slice of lemon every morning before breakfast can help raise your energy throughout the day, while aiding in digestion.


Everyone has those moments when they feel as though they don’t have time for breathing. Adding just ten minutes of personal time can help you feel relaxed, while being more productive throughout the day. This is a time to be free from all of your surroundings, and become one with yourself through breathing. It allows you to clear your mind. There have been any studies done that showed the benefits of meditating for ten minutes during the day, including having a higher attention span and less stress throughout the day. Try waking up ten minutes early to meditate by sitting cross-legged on a mat and focus on your breathing.


Walking is also a great way to clear your mind, while gaining great physical benefits. Walking increases blood flow and burns calories. Focusing on your breathing when walking can be just as beneficial as meditating. Walks on the beach or trail walking are great for increasing blood flow and flexibility. It is said that an average person should aim to walk five miles (or 10,000) days per day, but it is really easy to hit these goals without even noticing. Try taking walks during your lunch break or parking your car far away in parking lots.

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