When it comes to everything beauty, people have become more educated about the products they buy. The trend appears to be favoring formulas created by Mother Nature, those that are kind to the skin and friendly to the planet. Heavy chemicals and preservatives can do a lot of damage, and consumers have developed a more discerning eye.


That is why do-it-yourself beauty is becoming extremely popular. Let’s face it; one knows exactly what ingredients are going into the formulas they make, and they can feel safe about the product’s performance. A variety of botanicals can often deliver better results than the storebought, manufactured formulas. In addition, d.i.y. beauty is more affordable and a wise investment.


For instance, NewHopeNetwork has its pulse on the natural/organic industry and predicts that personal care products will be featuring more ingredients like hempseed oil, goat’s milk, moringa and murumuru butter in non-toxic skin care and cosmetics items.


Do-it-yourself beauty doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals and expensive equipment or a lengthy processing time. These ingredients are available to consumers, and many times, one can find the stuff they need right in their kitchen cupboard.


For example, there’s been a lot of buzz on social media about the power of rice water; it’s a huge YouTube topic. There are more than 403,000 YouTube videos about rice water beauty alone, and the d.i.y. demonstrations are simple to follow.


This video has received more than 4 million views so far, and the only ingredients for the complexion wash/toner are rice and water.


The toner absorbs quickly, firms the contours of the face and creates a brighter complexion by those who have tried it. Best of all, it’s a natural, healthy product and tolerable by every skin tone.


Compared to expensive high-end boutique moisturizers, the rice water wash is a precious steal.


D.I.Y. beauty products are an excellent way to wean a person from the multiple items they purchase daily. The majority of these formulas contain suspect chemicals like phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, parabens and others.


Even Capitol Hill has been trying to pass a bipartisan Senate bill that could help protect consumers from toxic chemicals in personal care products.


People demand healthy beauty now, and do-it-yourself has become a way to get it.