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5 Of The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The Us Marissa Elman

5 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the U.S.

The United States has become a major contender on the worldwide vegetarian dining stage. In fact, most of the highest ranked vegetarian restaurants in the world are located in the US, with only a handful of them falling outside of the country. Read on to learn more about the vegetarian restaurants in the U.S. with the highest rankings.


Blossoming Lotus

Located in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, the Blossoming Lotus offers up delicious American Asian fusion cuisine. Their all-vegetarian menu offers restaurant patrons fully organic plant-based entrees such as Live Nachos, Cheesy Plate, Tandoori Cauliflower, Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Beet and Apple Salad, Chicory Caesar Salad, Carnitas Enchiladas, and much more.


Bouldin Creek Cafe

Located in Austin, Texas, this vegetarian restaurant serves up an absolutely delicious and cutting edge vegetarian meal selection. Some of the delicious dishes include a kale side salad, Brussel bites, summer Buddha bowl, BBQ McFib, Natalie’s Noodle Bowl, Joe’s jackfruit tacos, Ruby Reuben, and a lot more. Almost all of their menu items are already or can be prepared vegan, as well.


Bulan Thai

The name says it all. This heavenly restaurant offers up delicious vegetarian Thai cuisine. Located in sunny Los Angeles, California, their menu features items such as spring rolls, corn fritters, golden tofu, tempeh, sate, seaweed rolls, curry puffs, and much more. The establishment also offers a wide selection of all-vegan desserts and drinks to choose from. Bulan Thai prides itself on providing delicious dishes that use no meat, no M.S.G., and no trans fats.


Bunna Cafe

This vegetarian Ethiopian restaurant can be found in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. An absolute hit with the local vegetarians, their menu features amazing and authentic African dishes such as Shiro, Gomen, Yatakit Alicha, Keysir Selata, Misir Wot, and much more. If you’ve never tried Ethiopian cuisine, Bunna Cafe has you covered with a variety of delicious, healthy dishes.


Crossroads Kitchen

Another restaurant based in Los Angeles, California, the Crossroads Kitchen offers patrons a delicious assortment of American-style vegetarian cuisine. On their menu, you can find mouthwatering dishes such as chickpeas with creamy French dressing sauce, vegan kabobs, vegan hamburgers, tossed salads, lima bean pasta, bean and rice bowls, and much more.


With more individuals trying out vegetarian lifestyles, the number of restaurants that cater to these dietary choices is growing. Though the five restaurants featured here are arguably among the best in terms of taste and value, there are plenty of other establishments across the country that are worth trying.

Is Kombucha Really Healthy For You?


You’ve probably seen the bottles of Kombucha in the grocery store, and if you’ve never had the chance to try it there are health benefits associated with drinking Kombucha. It has actually been made for thousands of years in asian countries but only recently became a popular drink in the United States. The fizzy drink is comprised of black tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast that has had time to ferment and naturally produce various enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins. The bacteria and yeast in the drink is typically called SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which allows the fermentation process to occur. Kombucha is currently available in many grocery stores and cafes because of the list of health benefits that are said to come from the drink.


Increases energy

Most people need a boost in the morning or early afternoon, and since kombucha is made with black tea, there are already going to be traces of caffeine in the drink. When the tea ferments, iron is created which helps give those with low iron an additional boost of energy.


Strengthens immune system

After the kombucha ferments it contains many antioxidants that fight free radicals that are in the body. Free radicals are known to cause cell damage and may even lead to cancer because they are such unstable molecules. Black tea is already known to have polyphenols naturally, but after it has been fermented, the kombucha has much more. Polyphenols fight cancer cells, decrease chances of getting diabetes, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.


Improves digestion

Because kombucha has such high levels of probiotics and enzymes, drinking it can help improve digestive issues. The antioxidants that help boost the immune system do the same thing for the digestive system and help alleviate issues. It is also believed that drinking kombucha everyday can help heal leaky gut and increase the good bacteria count in your digestive system.


Fights cancer

Kombucha naturally contains glucaric acid after the fermentation process has taken place. Preliminary studies have shown that ingesting glucaric acid can actually help the body fight the cancer or prevent cancer from forming in the body. The amount of this acid that is present in the kombucha will vary depending on how long the tea has been fermenting and the amount of sugar used.


Helps weight loss

It is believed that kombucha may actually help you lose weight because it may increase your metabolism. Like apple cider vinegar, kombucha contains acetic acid, which many believe leads to weight loss.


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