5 Of The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The Us Marissa Elman

5 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the U.S.

With more individuals trying out vegetarian lifestyles, the number of restaurants that cater to these dietary choices is growing.

How To Be Vegetarian On A Budget Marissa Elman

How To Be Vegetarian On A Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go vegetarian. In fact, in the long run, going veggie may actually save you money on your grocery bill.

What Is Raw Veganism Marissa Elman

What Is Raw Veganism and Is It Healthy?

Veganism is different from vegetarianism in the sense that some vegetarians will eat eggs and milk products, while vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal. Raw veganism takes things a step further.

Vacations For Fitness Lovers Marissa Elman

Perfect Vacation Ideas for Fitness Lovers

For fitness lovers and adventure seekers, vacation can mean engaging your bodies in exciting, rigorous activities away from home.

Copy Of Signs That You Are Mentally Strong Marissa Elman

Healthy Travel Tips

It can be challenging enough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle while you are at home. However, it can be even more challenging when you are traveling. Now, especially during the holidays, traveling should not involve the stress of staying strict with a diet. There are plenty of ways to loosen the reins a […]

Signs That You Are Mentally Strong Marissa Elman

Signs You Are Mentally Strong

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong. In fact, ironically, most of the behaviors that many people associate with weakness are actually true signs of strength. This is due to that fact that in our society, we typically value “toughness” over “true strength.” When it comes to acting […]

Sept 2018 Marissa Elman

What You Should Do on Your Mental Health Day

Taking a mental health day is important for all people. Employees who feel as though they are just constantly spinning on the wheel are likely to encounter burnout. When taking a day off to rejuvenate, individuals should take into account useful ways to spend their time.   Maintain a Routine While a mental health day […]

Sept 2018 Marissa Elman (1)

5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Make Ahead of Time

Eating a healthy breakfast can be impossible with a busy schedule, but these five quick and healthy breakfast recipes can be made ahead of time so you don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience.   Berry Yogurt Smoothie The best part about a smoothie is that it takes minutes to make and can be prepared […]

Marissa Elman Reasons People Decide To Become Vegan

Reasons People Decide to Become Vegan

While many have heard of vegetarianism, veganism is often considered a natural extension of such a diet and has been growing increasingly more popular among lifestyle choices. Similar to vegetarians, vegans avoid meat-products and also extend their dietary restrictions to any product that comes from animals, such as eggs and dairy. Vegans are cruelty-free and […]


Why you Should Reconsider DIYing Your Next Beauty Product

When it comes to everything beauty, people have become more educated about the products they buy. The trend appears to be favoring formulas created by Mother Nature, those that are kind to the skin and friendly to the planet. Heavy chemicals and preservatives can do a lot of damage, and consumers have developed a more […]

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