It can be challenging enough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle while you are at home. However, it can be even more challenging when you are traveling. Now, especially during the holidays, traveling should not involve the stress of staying strict with a diet. There are plenty of ways to loosen the reins a bit during your trip, while also maintaining methods that will not leave you feeling cranky and lethargic. So, here are some tips for staying healthy while still enjoying travel during the holidays.


Pack With The Planet In Mind

Trying to reduce any trash while you are traveling begins when you start packing. Reusable water bottles should be one of the first things you put in your bag. Some great choices for highly insulated bottles include S’well and Klean Kanteen, and they make great travel companions as they do double duty allowing you to hold any hot or cold beverages. Other compact and useful items to pack are a reusable utensil set and a tote bag. They can help you save a lot of unnecessary plastic waste if you eat out in a new place.


Travel With Superfoods

Another great tip is to carry superfood snacks with you. These can include cashews, goji berries or almonds. If you are someone who likes a nutrition bar, you have many choices like KIND bars, Bulletproof, Primal Kitchen, EPIC, RXBAR, or Quest. You should also try and take advantage of the healthier options in the airport like CIBO Express.


Stretch Your Hamstrings Before Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

Your hamstrings usually take a beating during long flights due to the fact that you are sitting for so long. So, you will want to stretch them out before boarding the plane. Start out by facing your bag with your hands placed on the top of the handle. Then, scoot your right foot between the handle “arms” as you place the heel on the top of your bag. Finally, as you use the handle as support, begin to fold over your leg with your right foot flexed, similar to how you would in a half-split on a mat.


If You Take A Supplement, Take Magnesium

Magnesium is also known as nature’s “relaxation mineral,” and it plays a critical role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body and it is important for everything from the functioning of your nervous system to the health of your bones. Day-to-day, magnesium has been proven to help ease menstrual cramps, relieve headaches, and promote digestion which is all the more important when you are traveling because that is the time when you are the most prone to these problems.