Signs That You Are Mentally Strong Marissa Elman

There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be mentally strong. In fact, ironically, most of the behaviors that many people associate with weakness are actually true signs of strength. This is due to that fact that in our society, we typically value “toughness” over “true strength.” When it comes to acting tough, it is all about external appearances which involve creating this persona meant to convince other people that you are impervious to pain. However, true mental strength involves working on your character and being willing to be vulnerable. Unfortunately, most people confuse their openness and honesty with frailty when it is the exact opposite. Let’s take a look at a few signs that while viewed as weaknesses, are actually signs of mental strength.



Many times, people think that being kind means that you are a pushover or a people pleaser. However, the reality is that showing compassion for others, giving someone the benefit of the doubt, or spending your spare time to help a friend in need with a project can be a sign of strength. It often takes a lot of courage and confidence to show kindness and mentally strong people are willing to take those kinds of risks.


Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

There is a difference between recognizing and speaking the truth and putting yourself down. Through the acknowledgment of your faults whether it be not knowing how to confront people or struggling to be organized can show that you are strong enough to admit your imperfections. Recognizing your weaknesses can also help you take steps in the right direction. You can delegate the tasks you struggle with and develop a plan to succeed despite these shortcomings.


Asking For Help

Revealing that there are things you cannot do on your own is a real act of courage. This could be asking your boss for assistance on a project or reaching out to a mental health professional. Asking for help requires a lot of humility and strength of character. Most people who are mentally strong do not go through their journey alone as they surround themselves with others who can offer assistance along the way.



Succeeding at everything you do only means that you are living too far inside your comfort zone. If you are making mistakes and failing, it means that you are challenging yourself—a true sign of strength. Your failures are not proof that you are not strong enough to succeed. You should view them as proof that you are pushing yourself past your limits.